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  • What does Áse mean?

    Àṣẹ (ah-shay) is the West African Yoruba concept that has many meanings and usages. It is our ability to make things happen and produce change. It is our life's energy or essences. It is the art of intention setting, our unique ability to call into action the words that we speak. We use it as an Affirmation, when we have a deep sincere agreement for something. It is our unique Ase that leads us to our unique ire (ee-ray; positive energy, prosperity, good luck, etc.).

  • Store Pick Up and Delivery

    We offer free in store pick up. Order online and Pick up in store. We provide contactless delivery within a 40 mile radius of the store for $0.80 per mile to and from (2 x $0.80 per mile).

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  • Shipping

    We strive to have items shipped within 3-4 days. Some items may take up to 7 days to ship. Shipping fee may be adjusted after purchase proccessed. You may be charged additional fees or credited the over charge to your account to be used on future purchases.

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  • Discounts & Wholesale

    Buy more and save. We offer discounted pricing for buying more of an item or when you spend more on qualifying items. We also offer tax free purchases with reseller license/seller permits and orders shipped outside of California.

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  • Questions or Request Contact Us

    Have a question or request. Send us a message and we will get back to you or chat with us live when we are available by using the "chat with us!" messenger.

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  • Lifelong Learning

    We are committed to lifelong learning, the continuous pursuit of knowledge. We welcome the exchange of Knowledge about our items. We may not have all the answers, but we will help you identify resources to help you learn more about our items or to find the most appropriate item in our shop for your intention.