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The Ifa Community of Ala 

The Ifa Community of Ala was established as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization on February 26, 2019. The community’s spiritual home Temple Eji-Elemere was consecrated (made sacred) on April 26, 2016. All spiritual work is done using the Ase (power; spiritual connection) of the Ifa Community of Ala.

What is Ifa? 

Ifa is an indigenous African belief system that originated from the Yoruba culture in or around Nigeria, Africa. A fundamental belief of Ifa is that before we come to earth, we kneel before Olodumare (God) and we tell God all we would like to be able to accomplish here on earth (destiny; life path). God approves what we ask. In that room is Orisa Orunmila (witness of human destiny; second to God), and at the door to allow us on the path to earth is Orisa Esu.

What is a reading of Ifa?

Using the Ifa divination system, an Ifa Practitioner (Babalawo or Iyanifa) of the Ifa Community of Ala, using the Opele or Ikins will communicate with Orisa Orunmila, who communicates with a person’s Ori (spiritual self; higher self) to determine the best message (Odu; Sign) that will guide a person to reach their current full potential. The message provides a person with advice of what they should work toward (ire), what they should avoid (taboos), and spiritual work to best align them with their life path (destiny). This message is absent of your physical-self wants (desires); it aligns with what your spiritual-self agreed with God on. You can ask up to 3 questions once the message is given. Come with an open mind and open heart.

Note: Readings are given from the Ifa Community of Ala Nonprofit. An additional reading will not be given, until the previous recommended spiritual work of the previous reading is complete. All advice given is a suggestion and results are not guaranteed. You do not have to follow the advice, and what is meant for you will be regardless of the reading. The reading makes you aware of potential situations, nothing more. The personal work and spiritual work are suggested to enhance the desired outcome of the reading. The key to success is doing the personal work and the spiritual work.

Ifa Consultation Services Prices

 Payments are quoted in cash discount, all other forms of payment will receive a $2 or more increase of quoted price (i.e $60 = $63).


Individual Readings |Consultas

Price: $60 | $63


Business Readings | Consultas

Price: $100 | $104



Full payment varies (start at $100)


**Ebo & other services prices vary; Prices quoted in cash discount price***

*Please note that checks are not accepted, and payment is due before service.

Non-Cash payments are subject to a $2 or more increase in price.