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Rush of Ase

Three Kings Charcoal Tablets

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Incense Burning Charcoal

10 Charcoals per roll

Three Kings quick lighting charcoals are quality clean-burning hookah coals manufactured in Holland.

Charcoal stays lit up to 45 minutes.

Use with incense powder, incense resin, and with hookah. Handle using charcoal tongs.

Sprinkle incense powder or resin on top and lite.

33mm Three Kings Charcoal Tablets- Small

 Dimensions: 4.75”L x 1.25”w x 1.25” h

Weight: 0.125


40 mm Three Kings Charcoal Tablets- Large

Dimensions: 5.25”L x 1.5 w x 1.5 h

Weight: 0.225