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Rush of Ase

Necklace | Orisa Twist Beaded Necklace | Yellow and Gold Twist Necklace | Osun - Style 5-1 [FREE SHIPPING USA]

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Handmade beaded Ifa necklaces made in Oyo State, Nigeria.

These necklaces are multiple individual beaded strands twisted together and connected at a common point to create one necklace. The strands cannot be pulled apart to make single necklaces, this is one piece. 


We measure beaded necklaces down the middle then multiple by 2 to get the estimated length around.

Available in

Search our site for all available colors. We also accept custom orders (1-2 months completion).

Blue/White - Babalu Aye

Blue and Gold -Osoosi | Ochosi

Red an Black - Esu

Green and Reddish Brown - Orunmila

Yellow and Green - Orula/Osun

White - Obatala
Yellow and Gold - Osun 1

Yellow alternating Gold - Osun 2
Green and Black - Ogun

Red and White - Sango

Blue and White - Yemoja

Multicolor - 7 African Power| Egungun | Osain|Ozain