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Rush of Ase

Stones | Charm Suncatcher with Stone Crescent Moon

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Charm Suncatcher with Stone Crescent Moon



Suncatchers are perfect to hang near a window and enjoy little specks of colorful light that are cast from the hanging crystals. Suncatchers are known to bring warm vibes to a space. They make wonderful housewarming, baby shower, or holiday gifts.


Crescent Moon

The crescent moon is known to represent new beginnings.

It is often worn to attract

  • Positive thinking and positive action 
  • Increasing your wealth or bringing in money into your life
  • Increasing your health
  • Making new friends or finding better ones 
  • Attracting something in your life that you desire 
  • Building a better future for yourself 
  • Manifesting what you desire or making things happen mysteriously
  • Making changes quickly and successfully in your life
  • Making decisions easily 
  • Starting new projects or business ventures
  • Increasing happiness and joy 
  • Increasing love in your life