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Rush of Ase is your one-stop shop for instant spending and volume savings on like items, Cases, and African Imports. We sell Ifa and Orisa traditional items; statues; jewelry; herbs; candles; crystals and stones; oils; fragrance sprays; smudges; spiritual waters; incense; house plants; items imported from Oyo State, Nigeria; and more. 

Buy more and save. For registered customers, we offer discounted pricing for buying more of an item or when you spend more on qualifying items. We also offer tax free purchases with reseller license/seller permits.

We accept custom orders for large volumes of like items, cases, and African Imports.

For more Information or to place an order, contact us by clicking “Chat with Us” on; email; DM us on IG @rushofase; or text 626-615-6495. We chat via phone by appointment only, text to schedule a phone appointment.


To access wholesale pricing, you first need to register as a wholesaler. Anyone can register. Just email (subject line: Wholesale) requesting to be a wholesaler. Send email from register account from register email. We will send you the wholesale price list.

Those who would like to receive tax-exempt status, must email (subject line: Tax-Exempt) a valid reseller license and a filled out California Resale Certificate Form. Once tax-exempt status is confirmed you will not be charged taxes, and will receive lower order total requirement. Wholesale discount cannot be combined with other discounts and is not eligible for free shipping.

For wholesale price list, send email to, requesting list (subject line: wholesale price list).

Clearance Sale


  • 25% off all plants and plant items
  • Sale ends Friday, February 3


  • 10% off when buy 3 items
  • 15% off when buy 6 items
  • 20% off when buy 12 items


Spending Discount

45% Discount spend $200 or more on incense

  • Incense Sticks
  • Incense Cones
  • Incense Resin


African Imports

Up to 50% discount on items

  • We import items directly from Oyo State, Nigeria Africa.
  • We accept custom orders for imports.
  • Items that are imported receive a discount based on the item, quantity purchased, and if pre-ordered. Prices are not guaranteed for reorder. Prices may vary or may need to be renegotiated upon next order.
  • No spending limit, but are quantity minimums. Exceptions may apply.
  • Pre-Ordered Items will be fulfilled upon next shipment we receive. Pre-ordered items tend to get an even greater discount than ordering items that are in stock. A non-refundable 50% deposit (excluding shipping) is due upon confirmation of order. Shipping will be calculated with final payment. Once custom order is confirmed, no cancellations, returns, exchanges, or alterations to order are accepted. Some exceptions may apply. Shipping fees are refundable if item was never shipped to you.

Below is a general list of items we import. If you do not see what you want on the list, send us a message requesting the item(s).

 Abeti Aja

African Efun


Agere ifa

Alligator Pepper Pods (in the shell)

Aso Oke Fabric

Aso Oke Fila

Atori Sticks

Beaded Opele

Bitter Kola

Brass Bangels

Brass Bells

Brass Fan

Brass Opele

Cowry Necklaces

Crochet Earrings

Egbe Fan

Esu Alaje Wooden Statue

Esu Statue Wooden Statue



Ile Ori



Iyanifa and Babalawo Medallions

Iye Ikode


Obi Kola

Odo Sango

Odu Medallions

Oduduwa Wooden Statue

Opon Ifa (Circle and Squared)

Orisa and Ifa Traditional items

Orisa Beaded Items

Orisa Wooden Statues

Osun Naburu powder

Sango Wooden Axe

Sea Glass Beads

Wooden Statues

Yemoja Wooden Statue

And more

Custom Orders

Custom orders accepted. If quantity is not in stock order will be sent to be custom made. The time for work completion is an estimate and may take more or less time. Once custom order is confirmed, no cancellations, returns, exchanges, or alterations to order are accepted. Some exceptions may apply.

 If exceptions apply, 50% of cost of already completed pieces will be refunded for store credit. Items not completed will receive 100% refund.


Sales Tax

Sales tax is a transaction tax, calculated as a percentage of the sales price of taxable goods.

Current Tax rate: 10.25% (0.1025)

  • Los Angeles County Tax 2.25% (0.0225)
  • California  State Tax: 7.25% (0.0725)
  • Covina City Tax: 0.75% (0.0075)

Tax Exempt

  • Customers with valid business/seller permits. Email a copy to for approval.