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Rush of Ase

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Hand Made and imported from Oyo State, Nigeria.

The divination tray is the central instrument used by the Ifa practitioners (Babalawo and Iyanifa) to practice divination.

The center of the boards are depressed to accommodate the various sacred materials used in the divination process. The Ifa practitioner typically places irosun powder over the tray and uses ikins for divination. The large face on this tray represents Orisa Esu, the messenger. And the carvings along the sides have various meanings.

We accept custom carving request. Send a picture or detail what you would like the carving to be. Contact us for more details.

Sizes Available:

13" - Style A

14" - Style B

16"- Style C

Available Boards

STYLE A - 13"

Style 1A-122022
Weight: 2.355
L: 13 ¾”in
W: 13 ⅜”in
H: 1 ⅞”in
* Note: Slightly smaller than 14”

Style 2A-122022
Weight: 3.945lb
L: 14”in
W: 13 ½”in
H: 1 ¾”in

STYLE B - 14"

Style 1B-122022
Weight: 1.840lb
L: 14 ⅜”in
W: 14”in
H: ⅞”in

Style 2B-1222022
Weight: 1.905lb
L: 14 ¼”in
W: 14 ¼”in
H: 1”in

Style 3B-1222022
Weight: 2.755lb
L: 14 ⅛”in
W: 14 ⅜”in
H: 1 ⅛”in

Style 4B-1222022
Weight: 2.965lb
L: 14 ¼”in
W: 14 ⅜”in
H: 1”in

Style 5B-1222022
Weight: 1815lb
L: 14 ¼”in
W: 14”in
H: 1 ⅛”in

Style 6B-1222022
Weight: 1.510lb
L: 14 ½”in
W: 14 ½”in
H: 1”in

Style 7B-1222022
Weight: 2.645lb
L: 14 ¼”in
W: 14 ¼”in
H: 1 ⅛”in

Style 8B-1222022
Weight: 2.325lb
L: 14”in
W: 14 ½”in
H: 1”in

Style 9B-1222022
Weight: 1.915lb
L: 14”in
W: 14 ⅛”in
H: 1 ¼”in

Style 10B-1222022
Weight: 2.190lb
L: 14 ⅛”in
W: 14 ½”in
H: 1”in

Style 11B-1222022
Weight: 1.430lb
L: 14”in
W: 13 ⅝”in
H: 1” in

Style C - 16"

Style 1C-1222022
Weight: 4.140lb
L: 16 ¼”
W: 16 ⅛”
H: 1 ¼”

Style 2C-1222022
Weight: 2.445lb
L: 16 ⅜”
W: 15 ½”
H: ⅞”

Style 3C-1222022
Weight: 2.490lb
L: 16”
W: 16 ⅜”
H: ⅞”

Style 4C-1222022
Weight: 4.505lb
L: 16 ½”
W: 16 ¼”
H: 1 ¼”

Style 5C-1222022
Weight: 2.160lb
L: 16 ⅜”in
W: 16 ⅛”in
H: ⅞”in

Style 6C-1222022
Weight: 2.215
L: 16 ⅝”in
W: 16 ⅛”in
H: ⅞”in

Style 7C-1222022
Weight: 3.680lb
L: 16 ⅛”in
W: 16 ⅜”in
H: 1”in

Style 8C-1222022
Weight: 2.400lb
L: 16 ¼”in
W: 16 ½”in
H: ¾”in

Style 9C-1222022
Weight: 4.15lb
L: 17 ½”in
W: 17 ⅝”in
H: 1”in

Style 10C-1222022
Weight: 4.24lb
L: 17 ⅜”
W: 17 ½”
H: 1”

Style 11C-1222022
Weight: 4.58lb
L: 18”
W: 18”
H: 1”

General Product Disclaimers: These items are natural or handmade items; thus, blemishes, misshapes, inconsistencies when compared to like items, and nicks are not consider defects. Each item is unique. All weights and dimensions are estimated.