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Rush of Ase

Baths | Herbal Baths

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About Herbal Baths

Herbal baths have many health and spiritual benefits depending on intention of herb blend: stress relieving, rejuvenating, skin soothing, meditative, and attract intended energy. Herbal baths can be used in a bathtub or poured over your head and body in the shower. Each batch of herbal baths is uniquely created under the guidance of Ifa by an Ifa practitioner, therefore the herb mix will be slightly different, and the specific herbs utilized are not identified, but the intent will be the same.

Herbal Bath Directions

Boil content in 8 cups (2 quarters/800 oz) of water. Strain mixture into a container.

For Bath: Pour strained mixture into bathtub water and mix.  

For shower: Pour strained mixture over head and rub on body.

Caution | Disclaimer

After boiling, the mixture will be hot, let cool to a comfortable temperature before pouring on self or getting into the bathtub. May cause skin irritations. Although the baths are prepared for an intention there is no guarantee that the intention will manifest in a specific way or time. 

Herbal Bath Name


Esu Herbal Bath ¾ oz

Path Finder, Direction, To Make Things Come Easier, Attract Positive Energy, Remove Negative Energy, Protection, Victory, and More.

Fast Luck Herbal Bath ¾ oz

Quick, Fast, and in a Hurry Outcomes, Money, Overall Success, and More

John The Conqueror Herbal Bath ¾ oz

Gambling, Love, Power, Money, Victory, Resilience, Overall Success, and More.

Money Drawing Herbal Bath ¾ oz

Gambling, Game of Chance, Good luck, Prosperity, Better Business,  Overall Financial Success, and More.

Ochosi Herbal Bath ¾ oz

Justice, Love, Discovery, Victory, Provider, Protection, Overall Success, and More.

Ogun Herbal Bath ¾ oz

Clear The Path, Victory, Direction, Community Building, Legal Issues, Overall Success, and More.

Orunmila Herbal Bath ¾ oz

Knowledge, Wisdom, Premonition, Guidance, Decision Making, Victory, Overall Success, and More.

Osun Herbal Bath ¾ oz

Childbearing, Child Rearing, Protection of Fundamental Rights, Victory, Love, Money, Sweetness, Overall Success, and More.

Oya Herbal Bath ¾ oz

Rebirth, Transformation, Love, Victory, Money, Overall Success, Control, Overall Success, and More.

Prosperity Herbal Bath ¾ oz

Good Fortune, Wealth, Health, Happiness, Overall Success, and More.

Sango Herbal Bath ¾ oz

Love, Victory, Knowledge, Leadership Money, Overall Success, and More

Seven African Powers Herbal Bath ¾ oz

Confidence, Strength, Protection, Prosperity, Tranquility, Guidance, Overall Success, and More

Steady Work Herbal Bath ¾ oz

Looking For Work, Keep Work, Increase Work, Overall Success at Work, and More.

Yemoya Herbal Bath ¾ oz

Peaceful Home, Fertility, Love, Money, Protection, Overall Success, and More.