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Rush of Ase

Necklace | Orisa Twist Beaded Necklace | Multicolor Twist Necklace

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Handmade beaded Ifa necklaces made in Oyo State, Nigeria.

These necklaces are multiple individual beaded strands twisted together and connected at a common point to create one necklace. The strands cannot be pulled apart to make single necklaces, this is one piece. 

Necklace size range from 16 inches to 25 inches long please specify your size preference.

Search our site for all available colors. We also accept custom orders (1-2 months completion).

Free Preparation, upon request. 

Available in

Blue/White - Babalu Aye

Blue and Gold -Osoosi | Ochosi

Red an Black - Esu

Green and Reddish Brown - Orunmila

Yellow and Green - Orula/Osun

White - Obatala
Yellow and Gold - Osun 1

Yellow alternating Gold - Osun 2
Green and Black - Ogun

Red and White - Sango

Blue and White - Yemoja

Multicolor - 7 African Power| Egungun | Osain|Ozain