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Rush of Ase

Sango Wooden Axe | Oshe Sango

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Hand Made and imported from Oyo State, Nigeria.

Sango is known as the king of kings and one of the greatest Orisa Warriors. Sango’s double-headed axe represents swift and balanced justice.

Style 1

Style 1A-032022

7.0 oz

Style 1B-032022

6.8 oz

Style 1C-032022

7.6 oz

Style 1D-032022

7.4 oz

Style 1E-032022

8.4 oz

Style 1F-032022

8.8 oz 


Style 2

Style 2A-032022

7.6 oz

Style 2B-032022

7.6 oz

Style 2C-032022

8.4 oz

Style 2D-032022

8.8 oz

Style 2E-032022

8.8 oz

Style 2F-032022

8.8 oz

Style 2G-032022

9 oz

Style 2H-032022

8.8 oz

Style 2I-032022

6.8 oz

Style 2J-032022

7.2 oz

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