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Rush of Ase

Nuts & Seeds | Ataare| Guinea Pepper | Alligator Pepper | Grains of Paradise

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Ataare| Guinea Pepper | Alligator Pepper | Grains of Paradise| Lizard Pepper | Eeru | Erinje

    Ataare is often used as a spice and an offering to the Orisas. In Ifa, one of the beliefs is that Ataare has the ability to "wake up" the Orisas. 

    Ataare is also known as Guinea Pepper, Alligator Pepper, Grains of Paradise, and Lizard Peper. 

    Alligator pepper comes is originally from West Africa and is found in countries like Cameroon, Nigeria and Sierra Leone.  

    Alligator pepper and grains of Paradise are actually the same spice, but grains of paradise are sold as the seeds only while alligator pepper includes the whole pod.