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Rush of Ase

Nuts & Seeds | Bitter Kola | Orogbo | Gooro | Garcinia Kola

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Picked by an Ifa Practitioner (Babalawo and Iyanifa) from Oyo State, Nigeria. 


Common Names

  • Orogbo (Yoruba)
  • Bitter Kola (English)
  • Gooro (Hausa)
  • Garcinia kola 


  • Mutual respect
  • Community
  • personal or communal agreements
  • welcoming of a visitor


"Garcinia kola, [also known as Bitter Kola] is an edible seed, which belongs to a unique group of plants that help organisms to adapt to stress by influencing multiple regulatory systems responsible for stimulus–response coupling such as the immune system and act also as a general anti-infective agent".

Read more about the medicinal properties of Bitter Kola 


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