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Rush of Ase

Candles | 7 Day Candles | Printed 7 Day Candle

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Printed candles are candles that text and imagery on the glass are put on using the print screen technique. This technique takes more time and materials to create than the usual candle that uses a sticker. 

Candle Dimensions

Approximately: 2 ½"  Wide x 8 1/8" Tall Glass

Candle Burns for Approximately: 120 -168 hours


Do not leave unattended. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Keep away from flammable materials. Be cautious when blowing out candle, wax might splash. Candles have a big risk of being kicked over. If putting it on the floor, try not put it in an area that people walk by frequently.  

Safety Tips

Commonly some people:

  • Put the candle inside of a vase, bowl, plate, or some type of non flammable container of water. The hope is that if the candle falls over then the water will spill and put out the water.
  • Put a glass or mason jar full of water near the candle. Stay ready for a potential accident.
  • Put the candle in places that people walk up to it or center of a table or counter or shelf.