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Rush of Ase

Statues | Wooden Statues | Ogun Wooden Statues - Style 7-4

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Yoruba Hand carved wood statue imported from Oyo State, Nigeria.

Ogun is the Orisa over metal. He is known as a warrior and is associated with war, truth, community and justice.

This wooden Ogun statue is over a foot and a half tall. Ogun is carrying a gun in one hand and an Iroke in the other hand.


Style 1-112022
Weight: 5.220lb
H: 22in
W: 5.75 in
D: 5in

Style 2-112022
Weight: 5.320lb
H: 22.5 in
W: 5.25 in
D: 5.5 in

Style 3-112022
Weight: 5.860lb
H: 22 in
W: 5.5 in
D: 6 in

Style 4-112022
Weight: 4.805i n
H: 21.5 in
W: 5 in
D: 5 in

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