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Rush of Ase

Spiritual Waters & Colognes | 1800 Crusellas Cologne 16 oz

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Commonly used for

  • Spiritual cleansing
  • Blessing
  • Consecration 
  • Protection

Colognes have been used to set the intentions of and cleanse self, candles, crystals,  jewelry, spiritual tools, material, furniture, money, spaces, and other items. It has even been used as a perfume. 



company founded in Havana, Cuba in 1863. In that year, Juan and Jose Crusellas, two brothers from Catalonia, Spain, opened a factory which produced soap and candles. By the mid-1880's, Crusellas had already registered two brands which would make it famous in pre- Castro Cuba,"Hiel de Vaca" (soap) and "Rhunquiquina" (hair tonic). In 1897, Crusellas introduced a laundry soap using the brand name "Candado"."Jabon Candado" was to become one of the most recognized and best selling brands in Cuba up to the time of the Revolution.