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Rush of Ase

Prepared Item | Blessed Item

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We have the capability to prepare any item. We prepare items using the Ifa belief system. We communicate with Orisa Orunmila and who advises us on the ceremony and ingredients needed to prepare/bless an item.

Why Prepare/bless an item? 

We prepare/bless items in order to activate the intention of the item. For example, a beaded necklace is just a beaded necklace until it is prepared/blessed. Once it is prepared/blessed if the intended purpose of the necklace is for protection then that is the energy that will be activated when we prepare it. 

What can be prepared? 

Any item we sell can be prepared, such as:

  • Jewelry
  • Stones
  • Candles
  • Baths
  • Spiritual Waters
  • Smudges
  • Incenses
  • Statues
  • Objects
  • and more

Prepare/Bless Item Pricing

We offer significant discounted pricing for items that are purchased in the store. We want our items to achieve their intended purpose and want to help you the best way we can to achieve that. The prices provided are estimated pricing, ultimately the final price will be based on the ceremony and ingredients needed to prepare/bless the item. Some items are listed with the option to prepare | bless and others are not. Those that are not, you can add this to your cart.