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Rush of Ase

Green Peperomia | Peperomia | Peperomia Obtusifolia | Live Plants

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Pronounce Peperomioides: Pepper – o – mee – oy- dees



  • Believed to bring good luck, money and fortune to its owner. Because the large, circular leaves stack on top of each other, they look like coins.
  • Symbolizes wealth, good fortune, and friendship.
  • The Chinese Money Plant can help ease the mind of concerns surrounding finances and assist generating new ideas about how to make more money.


  • Also known as the UFO Plant, Pancake Plant, Lefse Plant, Missionary Plant, Bender Plant and Mirror Grass Plant.   
  • Do not like soggy soil


Botanical Name

Pilea peperomioides 

Common Name

Chinese money plant, coin plant, pancake plant, UFO plant 

Plant Type

Evergreen perennial 

Mature Size 

12 inches tall 

Sun Exposure 

Bright indirect light 

Soil Type 

Well-draining, rich 

Soil pH 


Bloom Time 


Flower Color 


Native Area