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Rush of Ase

New Years Bath | Spiritual Bath | Omiero

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Size (8oz is 1 Bath)

“Intention Baths Made just for you”

An Ifa practitioner (Babalawo and Iyanifa) made Bath. 

Our New Years Bath is perfect for those who like to use bathing as a form of energy cleansing, recharging, and attraction. All our baths are prepared by Ifa Practitioners (Babalawo and Iyanifa).

We make Omiero Baths (herb baths) which are infused with herbs and other ingredients that are prepared by doing an Ifa ceremony. We prepare baths by consulting with Orisa Orunmila using the divination system of Ifa. Orunmila provides us with the appropriate ingredients for the bath to set the intention. 



Personalized Baths - You set the intention

Personalized baths are made to order. You tell us the intention you would like to achieve with the bath, we ask Orisa Orunmila, what ingredients would be best for you to enhance your chances of achieving that intention.  

For personalized Baths, please provide us with: 

1) What you would you like to attract to your life?

2) Mothers Maiden Name (if available) 

Bath Sizes

We consider 8 ounces for one bath (mixed with water), we offer:

- 16 oz -2 Days

- 128 oz (1 Gallon) - 7 or More Days

How long does it take to prepare baths

Weekly baths will generally be in stock weekly, unless we run out. Then it would take up to 24 hours (1 day) to prepare.

Personalized baths can take up to 24 to 72 hrs (1-2 days) to prepare. 

What specifically do we put in the bath?

Due to the sacricy of our practice, we do not provide ingredients of our baths. If you are allergic to an ingredient or have a taboo. Please let us know when you place your order. Baths that are already made, such as weekly baths can not be guaranteed an ingredient is not inside of it. 

Allergy Warning

Like all products you use on your body, test it on a small part of your body first before use. Discontinue use if you receive a reaction. 

Keeping Baths Fresh

Baths should always be refrigerator. Baths are made with herbs, they will spoil if not refrigerated. You need to shake the bath before each use. You should finished the bath with 7 - 14 days, discard after a month. 

Bath Bottling

Bath bottling may vary, but generally baths will come in plastic water bottles or plastic water jugs.