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Rush of Ase

Mediation Balls | Baoding Balls

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Mediation Balls | Baoding Balls

Comes with a beautiful brocade box (approx: 4.25"L x 2.5H X x 2.5 W)


Approximately: 6" Round


Approximately: 5" Round

 Baoding Balls are metal balls small enough to hold in one hand. They are also known as Zen Balls, Chinese therapy balls or harmony balls, these relaxation tools are portable and relatively easy to use. Starting with simple techniques lets you build up to more advanced moves.

The Chinese exercise balls are designed for exercise of hands, which could improve hand dexterity and strength, as well as to strengthen the nervous and circulatory systems. 

Directions: Rotate the pair of balls in the palm of the hand with the movement of the fingers, and gradually increase the size of the balls of the number of balls.