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L.T. Piver Paris - Pompeia Eau De Cologne Spray

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L.T. Piver Paris - Pompeia Eau De Cologne Spray

Pompeia by L.T. Piver is a Chypre Floral fragrance. Chypre is considered one of the most beautiful and sophisticated perfume families. Full of character, these complex fragrances play upon a contrast of cool and warm materials, creating an elegant and enigmatic effect.

Top Notes:  Geranium, Lavender and Lemon;

Middle Notes: Iis, Ylang-Ylang, Rose and Jasmine

Base Note: Patchouli

Pompeia was launched in 1907. Pompeia was created by Jacques Rouche and Georges Darzens. Pompeia was created for L.T. Piver by perfumer Pierre Armingeat (1874-1955).

Pompeia was among the first perfumes to make use of amyl salicylate, a synthetic discovered by Georges Darzens in 1896. Amyl Salicylate is a bezone ester has a floral and sweet, herbaceous and balsamic character, with a greenish tone. Darzens described the scent of amyl salicylate as "the fragrance of flowering clover under the heat of august."With Darzen's assistance, amyl salicylate had previously been used in L.T. Piver's le trèfle incarnat, introduced in 1898.

Eau de Cologne: Cologne is an abbreviation of eau de Cologne for the city of Cologne, Germany, where a particular scent was first made; hence it was a water from Cologne. There are specific blends of fragrances that fall in this particular category of eau de Cologne; they are very light, fresh, and fruity, and they contain the essential oils, lemon, bergamot, orange, and the absolute neroli. They may also contain the essential oils lavender and rosemary.