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Rush of Ase

Irukere Small | Horsetail-fly-whisk | cow tail -fly-whisk | Sheep Wool fly-whisk

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Irukere Handmade in Oyo State, Nigeria.

Irukere is a symbol of authority usually carried by chiefs, kings, and priest in Yoruba. It manifests respect, honor, and drives away evil forces for the possessor. Can be used for cleansing and to keep misfortune at bay.

Typically made of animal hair, such as cows tail and horses tail.

Estimated Measurements
All:  21 inches Long
Handle: 6.5 in
Hair: 11.5 in

Available for:
Obatala - White 
Osun - Yellow 
Sango - Red and white
Orunmila- Green and Reddish Brown; Green and Yellow; Yellow and Green
Yemoja - Blue and Gray; Gray and Blue
Esu - Red and Black
Ogun - Green and Black
Oya - Reddish Brown

These are freshly made by hand in Oyo State, Nigeria by a Iyanifa. Like most fur products, initially you may need to shake it vigorously to decrease the shedding. Once the shedding stops, it is good to go. As long as you are not swinging it like you are trying to hit a home run in a baseball game, the shedding will be little to none.