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Incense Sticks | Money Drawing HEM Jumbo 16" Incense Sticks

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HEM Jumbo Incense

10 pk = 10 incense sticks

1 Box = 60 incense sticks

Amount in packs and boxes are estimated. 

Incense burning is a tradition at most spiritual rites, social events, and for festive occasions. Incense sticks fragrance creates the perfect setting for auspicious rituals by filling the surrounding air with pleasant smell signifying purity.

The natural ingredients blended together in precise proportions release fragrance that leaves everyone feeling calm and relaxed. Incense sticks also act as organic disinfectants that drive away insects.

They can be used for everyday purpose at your homes, offices, shops, during daily prayer, meditation or yoga, or during auspicious occasions to spread fragrance, diffuse unpleasant odours and purify the air around.