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Rush of Ase

Set of 3 - Fuk Luk Sau - Chinese Three Wise Men

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Fuk Luk Sau - Chinese Three Wise Men - Set of 3

This is Fuk Luk Sau - Chinese Three Wise Men - Set of 3. The wise men are separated. 

Approximately: 7.5 oz; 4" H x 1.5"w X1"D

FuK LuK Sau are considered the three wise men of Chinese culture. Together they represent wealth, Prosperity, and Longevity.

Fu represents good luck and harmony;

Lu stands for authority, power and wealth; 

Sau signifies good health and longevity. 

How to Place Fuk Luk Sau:
Fu Lu Sau should be placed side by side in one row - Fuk is on your left side, Luk is in the center and Shou is on your right side when you look at them.

Can display on the table in your living room or dining area facing inside (not directly facing the main door if facing outside). The level of table can't be too low. In addition, the Fuk Luk Sau position should not be under the beam or facing to toilet.