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Rush of Ase

Evil Eye Horse Shoe

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Evil Eye Horse Shoe

 Hand made India.

Material is Aluminum.

Size: 3" wide, 3.5" wide


Evil eye necklace is believed to bring protection, happiness, good fortune and prosperity.

Can be given as a gift to others to show care and concern. 

Also called red ojo, ojo de venado turco, mal de ojo, gods eys, el ojo, blue eyes,blue eye, bad eye, turkish evil eye, matimoo evil ,mati.

Evil eye is believed to be a curse that is given by a glare that has negative intentions. Any negative emotion can cause the evil eye (mati) curse, such as anger or even jealousy. It is believe that the curse itself causes bad things to happen to the person who has received the curse, such as headaches and even a string of bad luck.

Wearing a special evil eye charm, also called a mati, is said to help prevent the curse from even happening.