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Rush of Ase

Dracaena Elegance | Dracaena Fragrans | Dragon Tree

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Dracaena Elegance


  • Cleanliness (purification)
  • Positive Energy 



  • The name Dracaena is derived from the Greek 'drákaina', which means female dragon. This refers to the resin of the draco variety, which is bright red and from the names such as dragon tree and dragon’s blood plant come. 
  • According to the NASA Clean Air Study, Dracaena is a powerful air purifier. 


Common Names

Corn plant, dracaena, false palm

Botanical Name

Dracaena fragrans



Plant Type

Broadleaf, evergreen, shrub/tree

Mature Size

15–50 ft. tall, 3–10 ft. wide outdoors; container-grown plants can grow up to 6 ft. tall

Sun Exposure


Soil Type

Moist, well-draining, loamy

Soil pH

6.1 to 6.5 (Acidic)

Bloom Time

Late fall and then again in late spring; nighttime bloomer

Flower Color

White, yellow

Hardiness Zones

10–12 (USDA)

Native Area

Africa (tropics)


Toxic to dogs and cats



3.5 ft Dracaena Elegance - 8" pot

  • 3 canes