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Rush of Ase

Bracelet | Orisa Multistrand Stretch Bracelet - Green - Brown - 4mm | Orunmila - Style 1-1

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Prepared | Blessed

Multistrand Orisa Beaded Bracelet

Also know as a Mazo Ide, is made up of multiple individual beaded strands, connected to make a single stretchable bracelet.

This bracelet is handmade from Oyo State, Nigeria and/or an Iyanifa

Estimated Bead Size: 4mm

Ide Ifa | Orisa Bracelet

Orisa Bracelets (Ide) can be brought as prepared or Unprepared. We also prepare bracelets (Ide) not purchased from us.


Ide Ifa is a beaded bracelet that has been prepared or activated with the energy of an Orisa. Ides come in various colors that represent an Orisa (spirit; energy). They are prepared to activate the energy of the associated Orisa. 


An Ide that is not prepared is simply a beaded bracelet, that has not been activated. 


General Product Disclaimers: These items are natural or handmade items; thus, blemishes, misshapes, inconsistencies when compared to like items, and nicks are not consider defects. Each item is unique. All weights and dimensions are estimated.