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Rush of Ase

Caps | Fila Gobi | Yoruba Caps Style B

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Yoruba caps are known as ‘Fila’ which is the Yoruba name for the cap. Typically a fila is a soft hat that is made of various materials such as cotton, velvet, damask, or hand-woven aso oke fabric. Cotton is typically used to line the fabric of the fila, but a fila can be unlined.

The Yoruba fìla Gọbi, also known as Fila oko iyawo' or Fila Senator can be worn to the left or right to indicate cultural status.  If turned right, wearer is single, left means married, forward means glorious future ahead, and upward may indicate pride.

Aso-oke, which translates as ‘top cloth’ or ‘high status cloth’ is a formal textile, traditionally woven by men.  Aso Oke is a strong fabric . When making this Asoke fabric, each strip is woven and bound together that creates an uneven looking weave. A variety of patterns and colors are used and includes many other types of material such as cotton, polyester and silk. 

These fila (cap) can be worn every day, but are especially worn for special occasions, such as weddings and spiritual ceremonies. 
Imported from Oyo State, Nigeria.
Hand selected by an Ifa Practitioner (Babalow and Iyanifa).