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Rush of Ase

Anime Figurines | Dragon Ball Z

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Estimated Measurements

Dragon Ball Z - Goku Child 5"
 Heigh (Top to Bottom): 4.92 in
Left (Left to Right): 3.15 in
Depth (Front to Back): 3.25 in
Weight: 0.315 lb


 Dragon Ball Z - Shenron | Eternal Dragon
 Heigh (Top to Bottom): 3.75 in
Left (Left to Right): 3 in
Depth (Front to Back): 2 in
Weight: 0.130 lb


Dragon Ball Z - Vegeta
 Heigh (Top to Bottom): 6.5 in
Left (Left to Right): 4 in
Depth (Front to Back): 4 in
Weight: 0.250 lb


Sailor Moon
Heigh (Top to Bottom): 6.5 in
Left (Left to Right): 3.75 in
Depth (Front to Back): 3.75 in
Weight: 0.130 lb


Dragon Ball Z - Goku
Heigh (Top to Bottom): 10.5 in
Left (Left to Right): 5.13 in
Depth (Front to Back): 5.13 in
Weight: 0.450 lb


General Product Disclaimers: These items are natural or handmade items or mass produced; thus, blemishes, misshapes, inconsistencies when compared to like items, and nicks are not consider defects. Each item is unique. All weights and dimensions are estimated.