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Rush of Ase

Philodendron Birkin - LIVE PLANTS

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  • Health and abundance 



  • Philodendrons were first discovered in the 1600s in Brazil’s rainforests. Philodendron actually means “tree lover” in Greek.
  • Birkin leaves are typically green with white pinstripes, they have also been known to grow red and cream colored leaves.
  • Created by  a rare mutation in the Philodendron Rojo Congo, can revert back to the Rojo Congo
  • Considered to be a rare Philodendron imported from Thailand  


Scientific Name: Philodendron Birkin

Plant type: Houseplant

Exposure to Sunlight: Bright indirect light exposure

Soil Type: Loosened, moist soil with a minimal amount of water (including perlite and peat moss).

Color: Variegated

Water:  Medium Amount of Water

Favorable Climate: Tropical Climate

Preferable Fertilizer: Balance Liquid Fertilizer (it must have magnesium and calcium within)

Toxicity Warning: Toxic to Animals

Status: Rare

Height: 6-12 meters

Origin: Thailand