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Rush of Ase

Bamboo | Lucky Bamboo | Dracaena Sanderiana

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  • Bamboo has long been the Chinese symbol for strength.
  • Many admire the bamboo's qualities of fast growth and resilience.
  • In Chinese, lucky bamboo is known as Fu Gwey Zhu.
    • Fu: Luck and fortune
    • Gwey: Power and honor
    • Zhu: Bamboo

Meaning based on number of stalks

  1. A single stock of lucky bamboo is symbolic of a strong, prosperity-filled life. 
  2. 2 stalks is an expression of love, whether to a life partner, a friend, or a family member.
  3. A three-stalk lucky bamboo brings three kinds of luck to you:
  • Happiness: Fu
  • Long life: Soh
  • Wealth: Lu (career promotions)
  • In the Chinese language, the spoken word for four sounds very similar to the word used for death. The number four has the same kind of connotation and draws sha chi (negative energy). Never give or receive a four stalk arrangement.
  • The five-stalk bamboo reinforces health in each of the five areas of your life:
    • Emotional
    • Intuitive
    • Mental
    • Physical
    • Spiritual
  • Six in the Chinese language also sounds like the word for luck. Six bamboo stalks attract prosperity and advantages to achieve greater wealth. 
  • Seven stalks of bamboo bestow good health. This number represents the combination of the five chi elements of feng shui plus yin and yang, making it a powerfully lucky number in feng shui and in Chinese culture. Because they represent the balance of all aspects of chi energy, seven bamboo stalks can also bring harmony to any space.
  • Activates law of attraction. Eight stalks attracts continuous business success and prosperity. An eight-stalk arrangement also improves fertility.
  • Triples one's luck and represents the the pinnacle of success, luck, and well-being.
  • Completeness and contempness. Represent the wish to have everything in life just as one envisions and desires.

    Common Name

    Lucky bamboo, friendship bamboo, ribbon plant

    Botanical Name

    Dracaena sanderiana



    Plant Type

    Perennial shrub

    Mature Size

    1–3 ft. tall, 1–2 ft. wide (indoors)

    Sun Exposure

    Partial shade

    Soil Type

    Water or moist but well-drained soil

    Soil pH


    Bloom Time

    Fall, winter (does not bloom indoors)

    Flower Color


    Hardiness Zones

    10–11 (USDA), but typically used indoors

    Native Area



    Toxic to animals