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Juniper Bonsai - LIVE PLANTS

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  • Protection
  • Wards off negative spirits
  • Cleanses and purifies a space
  • The tree produces small cones that are used in many healing rituals.
  • In bonsai circles, the Juniper represents one's ability to overcome all that life throws at you.



  • Perfect beginner bonsai trees for inexperienced growers as they are forgiving, easily shaped, and well-suited to bonsai growing techniques.



Common Name

Juniper Bonsai

Botanical Name




Plant Type

Evergreen tree

Mature Size

3–6 ft. tall, 1–3 ft. wide (or as desired)

Sun Exposure

Full sun

Soil Type

Well-draining, bonsai soil

Soil pH

Neutral to acidic

Hardiness Zones

Varies by species, 3–11, USA

Native Area

Europe, Asia, North America