Rush of Ase

Hoya Carnosa | Krimson Queen | Porcelainflower | Waxplant | Waxvine | Waxflower - LIVE PLANTS

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  • Wealth
  • Protection
  • Grounding
  • Clarity
  • Dried flowers are known to amplifies intentions
  • Opening for the 3rd eye and balancing for all Chakras



  • Characterized by thick, waxy leaves and long tendrils. 
  • Leaves have a creamy white border. Compared to a Krimson Princess, the queen has white borders. 
  • Can be a Hanging Plant
  • Semi-succulent epiphytic plants - meaning that they naturally pull nutrients and moisture from the air, and their thick leaves hold water similar to succulents. 
  • Drought-Tolerant
  • Slow Grower
  • Will trail and vine with their stems that can grow up to 10 feet long
  • Hoya flowers are all shaped like five pointed stars, often called the Pentagram Flower


 Botanical Name

Hoya obovata

Common Name 

Hoya obovata, wax plant 

Plant Type 


Mature Size 

Can grow 12-20ft in length 

Sun Exposure 

Full sun-bright, indirect light 

Soil Type 

Rich, well-draining 

Soil pH 


Bloom Time 

Spring, summer 

Flower Color 

Light pink, white 

Native Area