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Rush of Ase

Fiddle Leaf Fig | Ficus Lyrata - LIVE PLANTS

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  • A symbol of abundance, fertility and good luck, sharing space with a fiddle-leaf fig can help remove negative energy from your space and lift your mood.


Common Name

Fiddle-leaf fig, banjo fig

Botanical Name

Ficus lyrata



Plant Type

Broadleaf evergreen

Mature Size

50 ft. tall (outdoors), 10 ft. tall (indoors)

Sun Exposure

Part shade

Soil Type

Loamy, medium moisture, well-draining

Soil pH

6 to 7

Bloom Time

Rarely flowers outside of its native area

Flower Color


Hardiness Zones

10-12 (USDA)

Native Area

Tropical western Africa


Toxic to cats and dogs