Ose Mini-Lecture Series

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Ose Mini Lecture Series


As our website continues to be upgraded, we will use this page to display the Ose Mini Lecture Series Information. 



What is the Ose Mini-Lecture?

The Ose Mini-Lecture Series is a free 10 - 15 minute lecture or discussion about a topic or concept related to Ifa given prior to the start of the Community Ose Ceremony. Every lecture aims to answer a guiding question about the practices, the conceptual framework, and history of Ifa.

Why do we do the Ose Mini-Lecture? 

The Ose Mini-Lecture Series demonstrates the Ifa Community of Ala's commitment to provide a spiritual home for its community members. A home that supports the life-long learning of the study of Ifa. It is our hope that the knowledge community that we foster is able to gain knowledge that translate into practice.  A practice that not only allows its member to grow mentally, physically, and spiritually, but also ensure the perseverance of the ancestral knowledge of Ifa.

Who is allowed to attend the Ose Mini-Lecture?

The Ose Mini-lecture is exclusive to the Ifa Community Members only. A person is considered an Ifa Community Member is they have received minimum of 3 complete service (i.e. Reading and Ebo) from Temple Eji-Elemere. Attendance to the Ose is requires RSVP; thus, the Ose Mini-lecture requires RSVP. Non-community members will be asked to leave. 


Community Norms of the Ose Mini-Lecture?

Community norms are community agreed upon acceptable and unacceptable behaviors during our time of gathering, as well as common understandings. Attending community events is your acknowledgement that you agree to the community norms.

  • Talking: There is no talking during the presentation. 
  • Phone Use: Cell phones are not allowed during the event. 
  • Arriving Late: If you arrive late, please find your seat quietly. Do not enter in a disruptive manner. 
  • Questions: Questions are welcomed. If you have a question please raise your hand. You may not be called on immediately, as this lecture is time sensitive. Questions will be taken at the end of each lecture, but are kept to 5 minutes. Additional questions can be asked after the Ose or during our Ose Ceremony transition moments. 
  • Comments: Comments are welcomed, but should be kept to less than 30 seconds. To make a comment it is asked that you raise your hand or you may shout out in a manner that is not disruptive. 
  • Notes: It is encouraged that everyone bring a notebook or paper to take notes. No picture or recorded note-taking is allowed. 
  • Pictures and Recordings: Audio and video recordings, along with pictures are not allowed. This is an exclusive experience for the community members who attend the Ose. All notes should be written down. 
  • Powerpoint: The powerpoint will not be shared publicly. If you would like to have time to review the powerpoint you can after the Ose or schedule an appointment to do so.
  • Review Questions: After each session it is the goal to provide a list of review questions that were answered during the lecture to aid you in your study of the lecture. These question may or may not be revisited in the future. It is ok if you do not know how to answer each question, that just means you may need to reexamine how you take notes during the session or just need some clarification.  If you need assistance answering a questions and you attended the lecture, you may ask prior to or after an Ose for guidance on how to answer the question. This review question session is free and only available to those who attended the lecture.
  • Cost: The lectures are offered free. There is no expectation of payment for the lectures. But a suggested donation of $5 - $10 is appreciated. 
  • Missed Lectures: If you are unable to attend 
  • Mini-Lecture Review: Mini-lecture reviews are opportunity to review or learn for the first time the material that was covered during the Ose Min-Lecture. The review is not free, like the Ose Mini-lecture Series.  The mini-lecture review can be scheduled for $10. The mini-lecture review will be between 15 - 30 minutes covering the review questions of the original lecture. The first 15 - 30 mins is $10. An additional 30 mins (after the first 30 mins) is $10 ($20 total). $15 for the second additional 30 mins ($35 total). Max amount of time for mini-lecture is one hour and 30 mins, max cost is $35. Session time lengths must be agreed upon prior to start. 

Ose Mini-Lecture 9-11-2022

Guiding Question: Who is Orisa Orunmila? 

Review Questions:

  • Who is Orunmila?
  • How does the Yoruba people spell Orunmila?
  • How does the Yoruba people say calabash?
  • In the Ifa belief system, what is one of the representation of the calabash?
  • In the Ifa belief system who is the second to God?
  • In the Ifa belief system who is the witness of creation and destiny?
  • What does the character of the Babalawo and Iyanifa represent on Earth?
  • What is one way to go about building your relationship
  • What are the ikins Ifa, both physical and spiritually?
  • What is one reason, Orunmila left the earth?
  • What are 2 or more names for Orunmila and their meaning?
  • Why do people call Orisas or other entities (spirits) by different names?
  • What is one of the most fundamental belief of Ifa about choosing one’s Destiny.
  • What is destiny?
  • What is the purpose of the community Ose?
  • What is one of many understanding of the metaphysical (spiritual) process that takes place when getting a reading of Ifa?
  • Who is in the room when we kneel?
  • Who is at the door when we kneel?
  • What is one way to try and embody your guarding Orisa?


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