Ifa Initiation Ceremony Information

Congratulations on making the decision to initiate. Initiation is key for you to begin to take your spirituality in your own hands. 

On this page you will find information on the upcoming ceremony. It will be updated occasionally and you will be notified via text of any updates, but we do recommend that you refer to this page frequently. Any questions or concerns you may have, please text 626-615-6496. 

If you have not already done so please text the following information to 626-615-6496

  • Your full name (First Middle and last name)
  • Your mother's maiden name (the last name she was given at birth)
  • Your birthdate
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Do you have any allergies to food or other items.

Important Dates:

  • Pre-initiation Reading: Saturday, July 29 - Time to be determined
    • Final payment due, unless other arrangements have been made.
  • Initiation info session: Time to be determined 
  • Initiation Ceremony: Friday, Aug. 18 - Sunday, Aug. 20
    • Arrive by 1pm Friday, Aug. 18
    • Address of ceremony will be given closer to date

    Required Memorizations and Supplies

    Memorize the 16 Principle Mejis in order

    • You are required to memorize the 16 principle Odu in order. 
    • You do not need to know how to write them, but you are required to be able to recite them in order. 
    • Baba means father in Yoruba. Because these are the principle Odus that combine to make the other 240 Odus, we indicate their importance by adding baba in front of them. 
    • Meji means two in Yoruba. Because the principle Odus do not combine with other Odus and they are a double of themselves, we add Meji at the end. Exception is the first Odu, we do not add meji at the end. 
    • To memorize it is recommended to memorize 4 at a time. And keep adding 4 to your review while still reviewing the original 4. 


    1. Baba Eji-Ogbe
    2. Baba Oyeku Meji
    3. Baba Iwori Meji
    4. Baba Odi Meji
    5. Baba Irosun Meji
    6. Baba Owonrin Meji
    7. Baba Obara Meji
    8. Baba Okanran Meji
    9. Baba Ogunda Meji
    10. Baba Osa Meji
    11. Baba Ika Meji
    12. Baba Otrupon Meji
    13. Baba Otura Meji
    14. Baba Irete Meji (note: this is our temples birth sign)
    15. Baba Ose Meji
    16. Baba Ofun Meji

    What to bring


    • Day 1 outfit - this is the outfit you arrive in ( something you are comfortable throwing away; should not be black)
    • Day 2 and 3 Outfit
      • 3 white t-shirts
      • 3 pairs of shorts/pants
      • 3 pairs of white socks
      • 3 pair undergarment (underwear, undershirt, bra, etc.)
      • Jacket or sweater for the cold ( preferably should be white, but not mandatory. Should not be black)
      • Women
        • can wear long loose fitting white dresses/skirts
        • be mindful that white clothes when wet are see through so also where the appropriate undergarments
        • midriff should not be exposed


    • 1 pair of tennis shoes/comfortable walking shoes
    • 1 pair of sandals or slippers
    • optional: water shoes


    • 3 flat white sheets (not the sheets that have the elastic)
      • 1 white flat sheet will be to sleep with
        • choose your size according to your needs
        • recommend you get a king
        • You will be keeping this sheet forever
      • 1 King size flat white sheet will be given to be used in the ceremony on day 1
      • 1 sheet big enough to wrap around your body
        • suggestion: Adults should get queen or king sheet; young children should get twin or full
    • sleeping bag and/or blanket
    • pillow
    • Optionally: Can bring a twin size mattress pad or smaller
    • Note: The sleeping space will be shared, do not bring bulky items:
      • No blow-up beds/ air mattresses;
      • No sleeping items bigger than a twin size (exception: blankets and sheets can be large sizes)

    Shower Materials

    • 3 white towels (you will leave these towels behind)
    • Washcloth
    • Soap and Shampoo
    • Toothbrush and toothpaste

    Estimated Schedule of item usage

    Day 1

    • Wear clothes that you are comfortable throwing away.
      • Do not wear black
      • Jackets,sweaters, shoes, glasses, and hats will not be thrown away
    • Will need a King size flat white sheet to give for the ceremony
    • Will need bedding to sleep on, such as
      • Flat white sheet
      • Sleeping bag
      • pillow 
      • twin size foam pad

    Day 2

    • You will change into a white outfit.
      • Need 1 white shirt and white pants/shorts
      • Women be mindful of your clothes getting wet and being see through, so make sure you wear appropriate undergarment
    • Optionally, you can wear water shoes (does not have to be white)
    • will need tennis shoes/walking shoes
    • Need 2 white towel

    Day 3

    • 1 white towel 
    • white outfit to finish ceremony in and head home
      • need white shirt and shorts/pants (white dress)
    • need to wear slippers/sandals

      Where to find items

      • Sheets can be order on Amazon, walmart, target, big lots, DD's, Ross, T.J. Maxx
      • Sleeping bag can be found on Amazon, walmart, and big 5

      Clothes can be found at:
      T-shirts Factory Outlet
      1104 N Azusa Ave, Covina, CA 91722 
      Open: Monday - Friday 10 am to 7pm; Sat. 10:00 am - 6:30 pm; Sunday closed. 


      • Any item not listed is not allowed, you will be asked to leave it outside the room in your car or we will keep it until the end of the ceremony.
      • No cell phones
      • Bring items in clear shopping bags
      • No duffle bags or purses allowed in room
      • No mattress pads bigger than a twin size
      • Bring bigger items  (bedding) if needed in trash bags.
      • All bags will be emptied out
      • Women if need feminine products, communicate this to the lead Iyanifa
      • Talking will be kept to a minimum
      • Ceremony procedures and processes are extremely confidential and should not be talked about beyond the ceremony day.