Community Ose Message-12-16-2022

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Community Ose Message


As our website continues to be upgraded, we will use this page to display the Ose Message. 
Ose days are considered the most sacred day of Ifa, this is the day all the Orisas are listening. It is the best day to pray to the Orisas as a community and individually. 

Ose Cycle #151

Ose Day Cycle Schedule

Personal Ose Days

Tuesday, December 20
Saturday, December 24
Wednesday, December 28

Next Community Ose
Sunday, January 1 at 5 pm


What are Personal Ose Days?

There are 3 Ose days every Ose cycle. They are every 4 days (5 if you count traditionally the day of the previous Ose as day 1). 

Personal Ose Days are days during the Ose cycle that we observe in our own home. It is intended for us to get together with our family, loved ones, or by ourselves to pray and reflect on the Ose Message.

Ose Reflection Questions

Some reflection questions to consider:  

  • Message: What is the Odu? What was the Ose Message (read the entire message)? How does it relate to my life? Have I been experiencing any of the message, what are some examples? 
  • Taboos: What are the taboos? Have I been following the taboos? Which taboos are easiest to follow and why? Which taboos are the most challenging to follow and why? What was the environment like or what happened when I experienced the taboo? What was the environment like or what happened when I avoided the taboo?
  • Recommendations: This a great day to do the recommendations. What are the recommendations? Have I completed the recommendations? When will I complete the recommendations?  
  • Alignment: Do I feel aligned with the message? If I do feel aligned, what examples do I have that make me feel aligned? If I do not feel aligned, what can I do to get aligned? 
Praying on the Ose Day
One way to pray on the personal Ose day is to recite the ebo prayer and then say whatever you like after and end with Ase (ah-shay)-Ase-Ase-o. It is good practice to include blessings of your community and loved ones. If you are initiated then give your ikins omi (water to calm), oti (gin to revup), or both. And use your ikins to pray.
Here at Temple Egbe Eji-Elemere, in a private Ose prayer session, Olowu Rei and his family get together and pray for the success and protection of their family and the Ifa Community of Ala; as well as complete work as directed. This prayer session is not open for attendance. 


Odu Irete-Obara

For this Ose Cycle, we will be following the guidance of Irete-Owonrin. We performed one Ebo, the contribution amount is $8. Thank you to everyone who attended, sent their name and/or donated to the Community Ose. Next Community Ose is Sunday, January 1 at 5:00 PM.



If you would like to contribute by submitting your name to be included in the ebo prayer or donate with a credit or debit card you can do so by clicking the button. If you are unable to submit before the start of the ebo, that is ok. Submissions are accepted until 11:59 pm the night before the last Personal Ose Day in the Ose Cycle. Submissions received after the Ebo is completed, will be included in the prayers of the Personal Ose Ceremony that the Temple performs.  

EBO Prayer

We eat in abundance and we also drink in abundance

And we collect plenty of gifts

When the son of the servant suffers bitterly

The son of the Babalawo is enjoying in influence

When the son of the farmer is facing a tough time in the bush

The son of the priest is enjoying dinking and drinking

Cast divination for Orunmila

On the day he was looking for all his fortunes

He was told to make sacrifice

And complied

And he gave thanks to Ela and Esu for all the blessings

The pigeon of the sacrifice brought all the favors granted

And brought all the blessings to me




 Ifa wishes us all the blessings, good things, and comfort in life. Ifa says we will have all the comforts we are looking for.  We should offer sacrifice appropriately. Ifa says there are people who have great fortunes in life while others have nothing are suffer big time. Ifa says we should learn to live with what we have and trust Olodumare (God) that will accomplish all our goals in life.





  1. Should not engage in self-deceit (set realistic goals, do not doubt yourself, do not doubt the advice of Orunmila)
  2. Should not lie or deceive others
  3. Should not rear animals (not a good time to get new pet)
  4. Should not use an eagle for anything
  5. Should not rely on charms or other special devices (all we need it the ide of Orunmila and the Orisa for protection)
  6. Should not use Orofo bird (parrot) for anything


  1. Should not tell lies
  2. Should not allow a woman to push him into doing abominable
  3. Should not go to any party or ceremony without asking Ifa first
  4. Should not brag over anything
  5. Should not use the blue turacco and the maroon turacco for anything
  6. Should not consume the land snail
  7. Should not pay good with evil
  8. Should not drink and drive, to avoid problem with the justice

Baba Irete Meji

  1. Should not pay evil with evil to avoid the multiplication of evil and disaster
  2. Should not use eéran grass (finger grass) for anything to avoid contention with Elders of the Night
  3. Should not use owl for anything to avoid contention with Elders of the Night
  4. Should not engage in sole proprietorship business (run a business alone) to avoid unconsummated fortune
  5. Partners should not have the same skill as you. Each partner should be unique in what they contribute to the business. We thrive in diversity.  
  6. Should not use not harm squirrels
  7. Should not harm monkeys
  8. Should not involve others in what they know nothing about to avoid humiliation and disgrace
  9. Should not eat crab to avoid prolonged problems
  10. Should not eat pig (pork, ham, sausage, pepperoni, chorizo)
  11. Should not touch your forehead to the ground.
  12. Do not kneel on or use a straw mat (estera)





  • We should not let anyone change our ideas. Be a leader, if you follow other people, you will lose opportunities
  • If you are dating, be cautious of contracting disease
  • This is a sign of responsibility, authority, and prosperity. This is the time to assert yourself in situations and stay firm to what you say. This is the time to speak up when something is not being done correctly.
  • This Odu, speaks of traveling for business. This is the time to reach outside of your usual business practice and try something new. If you are traveling for business, you should check with Ifa to make sure everything goes well.
  • This is a good time to give offerings to the Egungun (ancestors) and ask them for their support and to give them gratitude for all they have done.
  • This is a sign of property ownership. If you are a renter and your able to, this is the time to buy a house. If you are a homeowner and been wanting to move or get another property, this is the time to get a new property.
  • This sign speaks of getting new children (community growth). You may begin new relationships during this time where you will assume the leadership role.
  • During this time, Sango is helping us fight off our enemies.
  • Be cautious of getting sick (inner organs).
  • This is a time of financial success, work hard to you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.
  • You should avoid situations where people speak bad about you or hanging around people you know don’t like you.
  • Ifa assures us that we will fulfill our destiny (reach full potential), nothing and nobody can stop us from fulfilling our destiny.
  • If at any point you feel sad or discouraged, ignore it…fight through it, because only you can block your prosperity. Do not let your head get in the way of your achievement.
  • Be careful getting into a relationship and catching a disease.
  • This sign speaks of receiving reward or prosperity from something from something you did in the past.
  • This is not the time to change jobs.