Community Ose Message-05-09-2023

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Community Ose Message


As our website continues to be upgraded, we will use this page to display the Ose Message. 
Ose days are considered the most sacred day of Ifa, this is the day all the Orisas are listening. It is the best day to pray to the Orisas as a community and individually. 

Ose Cycle #160

Ose Day Cycle Schedule

Personal Ose Days

Saturday, May 13
Wednesday, May 17
Sunday, May 21

Next Community Ose
Thursday, May 25 at 7:00 PM


What are Personal Ose Days?

There are 3 Ose days every Ose cycle. They are every 4 days (5 if you count traditionally the day of the previous Ose as day 1). 

Personal Ose Days are days during the Ose cycle that we observe in our own home. It is intended for us to get together with our family, loved ones, or by ourselves to pray and reflect on the Ose Message.

Ose Reflection Questions

Some reflection questions to consider:  

  • Message: What is the Odu? What was the Ose Message (read the entire message)? How does it relate to my life? Have I been experiencing any of the message, what are some examples? 
  • Taboos: What are the taboos? Have I been following the taboos? Which taboos are easiest to follow and why? Which taboos are the most challenging to follow and why? What was the environment like or what happened when I experienced the taboo? What was the environment like or what happened when I avoided the taboo?
  • Recommendations: This a great day to do the recommendations. What are the recommendations? Have I completed the recommendations? When will I complete the recommendations?  
  • Alignment: Do I feel aligned with the message? If I do feel aligned, what examples do I have that make me feel aligned? If I do not feel aligned, what can I do to get aligned? 
Praying on the Personal Ose Days
One way to pray on the personal Ose day is to recite the ebo prayer and then say whatever you like after and end with Ase (ah-shay)-Ase-Ase-o. It is good practice to include blessings for your community and loved ones. If you are initiated then give your ikins omi (water to calm), oti (gin to revup), or both. And use your ikins to pray.
At Temple Egbe Eji-Elemere, in a private Ose prayer session, Olowu Rei and his family get together and pray for the success and protection of their family and the Ifa Community of Ala; as well as complete work as directed. This prayer session is not open for attendance. 


Odu Odi-Otrua

For this Ose Cycle, we will be following the guidance of Odi-Otura. We performed one Ebo, the contribution amount is $8. Thank you to everyone who attended, sent their name and/or donated to the Community Ose. Next Community Ose is Thursday, May 25 at 7:00 PM.



If you would like to contribute by submitting your name to be included in the ebo prayer or donate with a credit or debit card you can do so by clicking the button. If you are unable to submit before the start of the ebo, that is ok. Submissions are accepted until 11:59 pm the night before the last Personal Ose Day in the Ose Cycle. Submissions received after the Ebo is completed, will be included in the prayers of the Personal Ose Ceremony that the Temple performs.  

EBO Prayer












  • Should not eat partridge
  • Should not work on Ose Ifa days
    • if you have to work then work, but if you can avoid it, then avoid it).
  • Should not decline to work for your seniors
    • If you are asked to do something and it is within your responsibility, then you should do it.
  • Should not do things against the norms of the society, must observe communal taboos
    • Try to fit in or fly under the radar during this time
  • Should not betray loved ones
    • Do not betray those you care about
  • Should not give false propositions
    • Do not lie about your intentions, be truthful
These taboos should be observed until the next Ose Itadogun Ifa.


    1. You should never attempt what you cannot accomplish – set realistic goals
    2. You should not rely on amulets or special device
    3. You should never cross the roots of the tree
    4. You should never brag about anything
    5. You should never eat ekuru and akara (Black eye peas and white beans)
    6. You should never use palm kernel oil

    Baba Irete Meji

    1. Should not pay evil with evil to avoid the multiplication of evil and disaster
    2. Should not use eéran grass (finger grass) for anything to avoid contention with Elders of the Night
    3. Should not use owl for anything to avoid contention with Elders of the Night
    4. Should not engage in sole proprietorship business (run a business alone) to avoid unconsummated fortune
    5. Partners should not have the same skill as you. Each partner should be unique in what they contribute to the business. We thrive in diversity.  
    6. Should not use not harm squirrels
    7. Should not harm monkeys
    8. Should not involve others in what they know nothing about to avoid humiliation and disgrace
    9. Should not eat crab to avoid prolonged problems
    10. Should not eat pig (pork, ham, sausage, pepperoni, chorizo)
    11. Should not touch your forehead to the ground.
    12. Do not kneel on or use a straw mat (estera)





    • The head that is a quail today, is going to be the head of a lion tomorrow
    • Be careful not to pick a fight with the wrong person