Community Ose Message-04-23-2023

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Community Ose Message


As our website continues to be upgraded, we will use this page to display the Ose Message. 
Ose days are considered the most sacred day of Ifa, this is the day all the Orisas are listening. It is the best day to pray to the Orisas as a community and individually. 

Ose Cycle #159

Ose Day Cycle Schedule

Personal Ose Days

Thursday, April 27
Monday, May 1
Friday, May 5

Next Community Ose
Tuesday, May 9 at 7:00 PM


What are Personal Ose Days?

There are 3 Ose days every Ose cycle. They are every 4 days (5 if you count traditionally the day of the previous Ose as day 1). 

Personal Ose Days are days during the Ose cycle that we observe in our own home. It is intended for us to get together with our family, loved ones, or by ourselves to pray and reflect on the Ose Message.

Ose Reflection Questions

Some reflection questions to consider:  

  • Message: What is the Odu? What was the Ose Message (read the entire message)? How does it relate to my life? Have I been experiencing any of the message, what are some examples? 
  • Taboos: What are the taboos? Have I been following the taboos? Which taboos are easiest to follow and why? Which taboos are the most challenging to follow and why? What was the environment like or what happened when I experienced the taboo? What was the environment like or what happened when I avoided the taboo?
  • Recommendations: This a great day to do the recommendations. What are the recommendations? Have I completed the recommendations? When will I complete the recommendations?  
  • Alignment: Do I feel aligned with the message? If I do feel aligned, what examples do I have that make me feel aligned? If I do not feel aligned, what can I do to get aligned? 
Praying on the Personal Ose Days
One way to pray on the personal Ose day is to recite the ebo prayer and then say whatever you like after and end with Ase (ah-shay)-Ase-Ase-o. It is good practice to include blessings for your community and loved ones. If you are initiated then give your ikins omi (water to calm), oti (gin to revup), or both. And use your ikins to pray.
At Temple Egbe Eji-Elemere, in a private Ose prayer session, Olowu Rei and his family get together and pray for the success and protection of their family and the Ifa Community of Ala; as well as complete work as directed. This prayer session is not open for attendance. 


Odu Obara-Owonrin

For this Ose Cycle, we will be following the guidance of Obara-Owonrin. We performed one Ebo, the contribution amount is $16. Thank you to everyone who attended, sent their name and/or donated to the Community Ose. Next Community Ose is Tuesday, May 9 at 7:00 PM.



If you would like to contribute by submitting your name to be included in the ebo prayer or donate with a credit or debit card you can do so by clicking the button. If you are unable to submit before the start of the ebo, that is ok. Submissions are accepted until 11:59 pm the night before the last Personal Ose Day in the Ose Cycle. Submissions received after the Ebo is completed, will be included in the prayers of the Personal Ose Ceremony that the Temple performs.  

EBO Prayer


Obara moko so saja, the one who did not do a sluggish business

divination for Olugbana omo, the one that throws the stone of fortune to kill two hundred parrots.

When Olugbana omo was crying of blessings of all goodness, He was asked to offer a sacrifice

And he complied

Not quiet long ,nor too soon

Come and celebrate with me for the blessing of childbearing (growth)




Ifa says there is blessings for us and warns us never to doubt that we going to blessed. Through sacrifice (letting go of negative characteristics) and ebo we will achieve success.





  1. Should not use blue turacco (bird)
  2. Should not eat maroon turaco (bird)
  3. Should never expose your secrets to a friend
  4. Should not plan evil against another
  5. Should not swear on any issue during misunderstanding with your partner
These taboos should be observed until the next Ose Itadogun Ifa.


    1. You should never attempt what you cannot accomplish – set realistic goals
    2. You should not rely on amulets or special device
    3. You should never cross the roots of the tree
    4. You should never brag about anything
    5. You should never eat ekuru and akara (Black eye peas and white beans)
    6. You should never use palm kernel oil

    Baba Irete Meji

    1. Should not pay evil with evil to avoid the multiplication of evil and disaster
    2. Should not use eéran grass (finger grass) for anything to avoid contention with Elders of the Night
    3. Should not use owl for anything to avoid contention with Elders of the Night
    4. Should not engage in sole proprietorship business (run a business alone) to avoid unconsummated fortune
    5. Partners should not have the same skill as you. Each partner should be unique in what they contribute to the business. We thrive in diversity.  
    6. Should not use not harm squirrels
    7. Should not harm monkeys
    8. Should not involve others in what they know nothing about to avoid humiliation and disgrace
    9. Should not eat crab to avoid prolonged problems
    10. Should not eat pig (pork, ham, sausage, pepperoni, chorizo)
    11. Should not touch your forehead to the ground.
    12. Do not kneel on or use a straw mat (estera)



    • Go to the river and pray your head with honey.



    • Do not be over critical
      • Should not tell people their faults
      • The Awo thinks that he knows much, there is always someone who knows a little more.
    • Betrayal from within due not respond with anger
      • In this Odu, Sango was powerful and able to defeat his enemies, but 2 leaders within his army were causing problems. Sango knew this and had them fight each other, the winner would be sent to battle. A battle that Sango knew would not go well. This caused an uprising and ended up getting Sango exiled. During his exile his supporters endured abuse and ridicule. Sango decided to return and rain down thunderbolts and fire on his enemies, he ended up harming his enemies and supporters. Angered and sadden by what he did, he buried himself and became an Orisa. His wives Oya, Osun, and Oba all transformed into rivers. Oya transformed into the Niger (nee-ZHER) river, Osun into the Osun River, and Oba the Oba River.
      • Do not attempt to expose your enemies, it could end with you publicly being exiled or looking like the problem
      • In defending someone, you can cause more harm.
      • Beware of issues that may lead to misunderstanding between you and others, more especially those that are lower in rank to you (those who you lead/guide).
    • Limit your socialization
      • Do not go to parties or reunions because your enemies may be present
      • During this time envious people may try to cause problems for you.
      • Beware of people going behind your back to spoil your character.
    • Problems with the police
      • Be careful that someone does not rob you or hide stolen property in your home, because you are the one that could have the problems with the police.
    • Not listening to the word of Orunmila could cause consequences
      • During this time not listening to the advice given could put you at greater risk of experiencing problems.
      • In this Odu, Orunmila did not listen to the advice of Ifa and decided to take the advice from someone else. This person was secretly envious of Orunmila, and the advice given was bad. Orunmila ended up losing his child due to the bad advice.
    • Food
      • Do not eat food that other people bring to you.
    • Lovers Quarrel
      • Ifa warns you not to be unnecessarily angry especially towards your partner. You should also avoid any issues that may cause quarrel between you and your partner.
      • Because of your lover cheating with you with someone you have did many favors for in the past.
    • Setting Goals
      • You must set goals and stick to the plan. You may not be experiencing success on a project, but you need to keep working on it. You will achieve success later. Do not give up.
      • Patience and gratitude to Ifa will increase your chances of success.
    • Those who are initiated
      • Ifa reminds us that through initiation we are blessed with all good things in life. Through initiation we can accomplish financial success by doing ebo.
    • Practice Self-Care
      • Ifa says that by nature, you are such a person who likes hard work and can work from morning till night without any observation or rest. Ifa cautions you on this as it is not in your best interest to work without resting.
    • Pay attention to your dreams
      • Ifa says that you should be conscious of your dreams. You should always take your dreams seriously and ask Ifa for the interpretation of your dreams and ask Ifa to help make your dreams a positive reality.